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Darren's Bio

Darren Clark has become quite accustomed to teaching individuals and groups on how to live better, by way of his long standing career as a Dallas area Fitness Professional.


Many years ago, his interest in personal safety began at the young age of 12, when he first enrolled in a home town martial arts class, while living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  


Darren has remained on a path of growing, learning and then sharing with others, methods in which we all might live better, safer and more fit lives.  

It was on this path that in 2014, he eventually became a licensed Combatives Instructor through A.C.W.A. ( The Academy of Combative Warrior Arts)


By way of his protective nature and desire to serve others, Darren became the Security Team Training Director for a 7000+ member church, with 4 campuses in the DFW metroplex. 


While in that position, Mr. Clark conducted monthly orientation and training meetings, which required him to coordinate, facilitate and teach the application of command presence, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation, evacuations, child protection, active killer events, as well as, traversing through the scale of force continuum, threat recognition, hand to hand defensive skills and the use of tools (weapons) concepts. 


Living by the mantra of “ Always Be A Student,” in his quest to know more about safety and security, Darren became a registered Texas Department of Public Safety- Level 4 Personal Protection Officer (#00347449)


As a volunteer with a Dallas based anti-human trafficking organization, Darren presence creates an added element of safety, allowing the advocates, mentors and staff the ability to work uninterrupted as they assist the women who’ve come under their care.


Admittedly, Darren’s initial reason for acquiring his LTC (license to carry a firearm), was simply to protect his wife of 12 years, his 7 year old daughter, himself and those he cared for.


However, after years of taking firearm classes and attending training events, Mr. Clark couldn’t contain his passion to learn and his desire to serve and teach! 


As a certified Pistol Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer, Darren Clark looks forward to sharing his experience in safety, security, fitness and combatives, to all who allow him to do so. 


 At the end of the day, Darren wants you to understand, learn and know how to


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